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              Machinery Sales Company, Inc.

              We are a Portland, Oregon firm with the largest inventory of used lumber manufacturing equipment, sawmill machinery, sawmill equipment, planing mills, bandmills in the world.

              We invite you to look through our list of equipment and call us at 503-285-6691 or email to [email protected] to discuss your lumber manufacturing and sawmill equipment needs.


              All Equipment is located at our site in Portland, OR.

              Check out the worlds biggest selection at the best prices on:

              Yates-American Planers Newman Planers
              Stetson-Ross Planers Armstrong Saw Sharpeners
              Armstrong Saw Grinders Kockums Chippers
              Precision Chippers Nicholson Chippers
              Nicholson Debarkers Salem Debarkers
              Salem Bandmills Salem Linebar Resaws
              Salem Horizontal Resaws McDonough Bandmills
              McDonough Linebar Resaws McDonough Air Strain Resaws
              McDonough Horizontal Resaws Jeffrey Hammer Hogs
              Jeffrey Hammer Mills Jeffrey Pulverizers
              CM&E Chippers CM&E Headrig Chippers
              CM&E Headrig Slabbers  Planer Parts and Motors
              Rotex Screens Morbark Debarker

              Machinery Sales Inc. also carries the following NEW lumber manufacturing, woodworking machinery, and sawmill equipment...


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