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              Klamath-Ward 8" x 72" Bottom-Arbor Combination Edger

              One (1) Used Klamath-Ward 8" x 72" Bottom-Arbor Combination Edger. Rebuilt by Eagle Creek Machine in 1983, and looks in very good condition. Three (3) shifting saws on left; guided gang on right. Water-cooled babbitt saw guides. Chromed keyed arbor. Shifting rod for outfeed edging picker. Anti-kickback fingers. Alligator opening frame for easy saw and guide change. Split upper press rolls. Six (6) Coleman feedrolls. No motors. Serial No. 3541. Inventory No. 4079. Includes a large number of carbide saws and guides. Saws are .150 kerf for gang, and .180 on shifting side. See photos of Klamath-Ward 8" x 72" Bottom Arbor Combination Edger on our web site. Inventory No. 4079.

              Klamath-Ward 8

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