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              Portable Bottom Feeder For Lumber

              Portable Bottom Feeder For Lumber.

              a.  Adjustable from 1" to 6" wide and from 
                  0" to 3" thick 
              b.  Rough top belt is 6 ft. long 
              c.  Will take a stack of lumber 24" high 
                  as currently configured 
              d.  Includes 3/4 HP gearmotor with VFD 
                  and operators control 
              e.  Good for smooth lumber 
              f.  On casters for easy mobility. 
              See photos of Portable Bottom Feeder 
              For Lumber on our web site.  
              Inventory No. 12288.  Located at our 
              Portland, Oregon facility
              Portable Bottom Feeder For Lumber

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